Development at Peregian Beach

PBCA Objection re Scanlon Group Development Application
For further information about the Association's concerns about this proposed redevelopment, please view the PDF provided.
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In recent years, Peregian Beach,  a quiet Sunshine Coast hideaway, has become a focus of interest for developers.

The Association has been keenly following the progress of two development proposals: the former Caravan Park site and the Rufous Street ex-Bowls Club site.


The Peregian Beach Caravan Park Site


This all started in 2007 and has involved multiple changes by the developer.


On 12 February 2010, the developer, Scanlon Group, obtained an approval to build 2 three storey accommodation buildings consisting of 32 x 3 bedroom units (64 total) and 30 “beach shacks”. Then the developer built the IGA Shopping Centre over part of the land approved leaving room to build 1.5 three storey accommodation buildings consisting of 32 x 3 bedroom units (48 total) and 22 “beach shacks”. However, the developer had to start work by 28 September 2016, which it failed to do, and now the developer has applied to the Planning & Environment Court for an extension of time. (APPLICATION 1)


The Planning and Environment Court sanctioned the approval of 12 February 2010 and stated “The units shall not be used for the purpose of permanent residential accommodation…”


However, on 22/12/2016, the developer filed an application to build firstly, 3 types of Multiple Housing – providing 88 Beds (for 176 Persons) and they are all proposed for PERMANENT RESIDENTS and, secondly, the Essence Hotel & Conference Centre with 20 visitor accommodation rooms and 12 apartments (4 x 1 bedroom and 8 x 2 bedroom). The 12 apartments are proposed for PERMANENT RESIDENTS. (APPLICATION 2)


Because the approval of 12 February 2010 has lapsed, the site is zoned Open Space Recreation and there are no consistent uses other than as a caravan park and associated visitor accommodation. Therefore, it is necessary to examine what can be built on the land under the Noosa Plan.


Multiple housing, which the developer describes as detached houses, are both non-compliant with the Noosa Plan, as is a Hotel. The developer could build a caravan park and a Hostel for short-term visitor accommodation.


The developer acknowledges the significant areas where APPLICATION 2 is in conflict with the Noosa Plan 2006 but clearly is not wanting to comply with the Plan.


The Application does not provide “sufficient grounds in the public interest” to warrant overturning the Noosa Plan.


For this reason Council should refuse the application but the developer will probably cause the Council and the Community more time and expense by appealing to the Planning and Environment Court, despite the significant areas of conflict with the Noosa Plan.


The developer clearly wants permanent accommodation, which it can sell, and is using the small visitor accommodation component merely as a screen to hide its real purpose. Otherwise, why would the developer not have acted on the approval of 12 February 2010 instead of allowing it to lapse?


Rufous Street Development


The Rufous Street development proposed by Multi Span Australia Group Pty Ltd raised concerns for many in the Peregian Beach Community.


Consequently, the Peregian Beach Community Association became a Co-Respondent to the appeal by Multi Span Australia Group Pty Ltd (No 4341 of 2013) in relation to the Rufous Street supermarket application.


 In May 2014 the developer withdrew from the court proceedings it had started and the community celebrated. The Noosa Council subsequently purchased the site and has undertaken a year of community consultation which has resulted in the Master Plan referred to elsewhere on this site.