Caravan Park redevelopment - Peregian village market 

The Peregian Beach Caravan Park site has been the subject of a development proposal from Scanlon Property Group since 2008-2009. In 2011 the Essence development received approval for its proposal, including a 380m2 supermarket.In 2013, Scanlon Property Group applied for a material change of use for the ‘Peregian Village Market’ on the site.  This application is a marked improvement on the commercial development previously approved (which would have been highly visible on David Low Way). 


The application followed significant consultation with Peregian Beach Community Association (PBCA) and the community prior to its lodgement. PBCA advised Noosa Council that it supported the Peregian Village Market application and it was subsequently approved by Council.


Specifically, PBCA supported this application because:


·        It used a site already approved for commercial use, including for a supermarket of 380 m2.

·        The development will provide a supermarket and 5 shops/offices totalling 1596 m2.

·        It sits well below David Low Way road level, at ground level entrance from Hardware Store's unnamed Street, so visually it's not so confronting at the entrance to the village. This is a much better outcome for local neighbours & less visually offensive to those coming into the village.

·        The pedestrian crossing will link it to the existing village. In addition, there will be a lift down to ground level for those less able to use the stairs or ramp down to ground level.

·        The proposal is designed to complement the village and will not attract shops and services from the existing village.  

·        Additional landscaping at David Low Way and provision of an integrated and improved bus shelter should enhance the amenity more so than the previously approved road frontage. 

·        Noosa Council's issues about traffic and storm water have been addressed to its satisfaction. 

·        PBCA Inc has been advised that the Scanlon Property Group has selected a builder who will start building in January/February 2015.