Peregian Beach Community Association News

Peregian Beach Park

A ‘Collective of Stakeholders’ comprising Peregian Beach  SLSC, Peregian Originals, Peregian Markets and other community representatives, met with Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) project officer, Tennille Docherty to ‘tweak’ draft plans for Peregian Beach Park. The many positives from our meetings include:

  • a better understanding and appreciation of stakeholders’ contributions to Peregian Beach  community and lifestyle
  • a new bushcare group based at the Surf Club – Peregian Beach  Park Protectors. (Many thanks to Brett Leckie)
  • a landscape plan which improves the amenity of Peregian Beach Park for all – to be completed by December 2013


The Bowls Club precinct

We continue to be proactive, supporting the Noosa town plan for the Rufous Street Bowls Club precinct to remain a Sports/Recreation area. We celebrate Council’s decision NOT to support a developer application for access via the Peregian Beach Community House car park.


David Low Way rehabilitation

This year, a top-up of 300 natives have been planted to enhance the 2,000 natives already planted in 2011/12 along the eastern side of the David Low Way entrance to Peregian Beach just south of Peregian Garden Centre. Also, over 100 sedges which were mistakenly slashed have been replaced. Recent rain should help establish these latest additions.

If you hadn’t heard, the Association has secured a Qld Government Grant of $87,224 for weed removal, regeneration and some revegitation of David Low Way’s western side. This is an exciting project with a three year timeframe. Working with North Peregian volunteers, National Parks, SCRC, Road Reserves, local schools and community we’re employing a contractor for all heavy work. We’re then following up with native tube stock plantathons! On 2nd May, St Andrew’s Year 8 students planted 600 local native tube stock after ENAM had prepared the difficult site. This is just the beginning.


Council urges more responsible dog ownership

Noosa Council is urging pet owners to take more responsibility for their pets after an increase in dog attacks over the past month.

Incidents of dog attacks, dogs found off-leash in on-leash areas, dog owners allowing dogs to run out of control on beaches, and dogs not being properly contained in their property have been on the rise in recent weeks.

Although this trend is apparent across the Shire, areas of particular concern are Peregian Beach and North Sunshine Beach.

Since the new Noosa Council started on January 2, officers from council’s Community Order and Public Safety team have dealt with 10 reports of aggressive dogs and 16 dog attacks, 14 of which have occurred in the past 2 weeks.

This is very concerning especially because the majority of attacks have occurred because of a lack of supervision of the dogs involved, poor maintenance of the property or inattentive owners allowing dogs to escape/run off wildly.

Council is reminding dog owners to:

•  ensure proper maintenance of the containment on the property where your dog is kept

•  walk your dog on leash in public areas at all times - unless in a leash free area

•  ensure your dog is always under effective control, even in leash free areas. Don’t let your dog run away so he cannot hear and see you

•   make sure your dog does not approach and annoy other people or dogs.

Council has increased monitoring of problem areas with officers patrolling at various times of the day including early morning and late evening. Dogs found off-leash in an on-leash area may attract a maximum penalty of $2200, while if your dog attacks another animal or person, the offending dogs’ owner may face prosecution through the Court and a maximum fine of $33000.

Residents are urged to contact Council each and every time they see a dog which is off-leash in an on-leash area using the information below:


Ph: 5329 6500

Turtles and dogs - Do they mix?

Loggerhead and green turtles lay their eggs on Peregian Beach. These eggs can be at risk from dogs which are left to roam.

Peregian Beach Community Association supports Council’s local dog laws regarding responsible dog ownership and recognises the Off Leash Area from Beach Access 67 at Pitta St all the way south to Stumers Creek and the On Leash Area from Beach Access 59 (southern end of Peregian Beach SLSC) south to Beach Access 67 at Pitta St.


Weeding – volunteers more than welcome!

PBCA’s infamous Weeding Group continue to gather on Thursday mornings from 8.00 –10.00 am. Along the dunes and beach accesses from Piper to Pitta St and in the gardens of Lorikeet Park, weeds wait for us, so extra pairs of hands are much appreciated! Phone Susan Francis (07 5448 2208) if you’d like to join us.  


Come along and meet the crew

PBCA Meetings are held in Victory Park on the second Sunday of every month at 10.00am.

Visitors and new members are always welcome. Your presence and input are truly valued!

Contact us through our website OR phone our President Frank Wilkie on 07 5448 3307.