Victory Park

In late 1995, the Maroochy Shire Council’s approval of Maratina, a high-rise development destined for Lorikeet Drive, Peregian Beach left residents shocked and concerned for the future of the area. As was the case with the earlier attempt to convert Lorikeet Drive, the same group of like-minded residents mounted what was to be a difficult protest. Research was conducted and legislation and town planning scrutinised. A public protest campaign was organised. Ultimately,as a result of the Association's work, this inappropriate, unsympathetic development was found to not comply with the Maroochy Shire town plan. The Maroochy council eventually admitted that it had mis-read its own Town Plan for 10 years. The tenacious group of citizens who were to be the founding members of the Peregian Beach Community Association was again victorious. The park opposite this proposed development was duly named Victory Park in observation of these events.



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